Great Gadgets


With bright orange wheels, a bouncy bamboo deck and black grip tape, this state-of-the-art new skateboard offers a motorized way for novices and old-pros alike to cut their time getting around in half. Built with a trigger remote that fits like a futuristic toy in the palm of your hand, the whole thing is way more simple than it sounds. It would have to be, to get anyone in their right mind on a skateboard with a motor. It has a water-resistant housing for the electronics, an interchangeable battery, and the company boasts exceptional customer service. The company recently extended the Bluetooth range for safety while using the remote in major cities with dead-zones. Users call the electronic long board simple to ride and reliable. Will it replace your vehicle or even your bike? No, probably not. But, it is super-fun new high-tech toy that combats getting around in an Eco-friendly way.  Check them out on